About Us

 The National Youth Federation Nepal (NYFN) is a national federation of both individual youth and the youth organizations established with the purpose of proper implementation of the National Youth Policy from national to grass root level. It compress like a national alliance of individual youth groups form VDC level, youth led and youth run organisations and the youth wins of the professional federations, associations and institutions. NYFN was formed on 2009 and Ministry of Youth and Sports has recommended for the registration of National Youth Federation in 2012. NYFN aims of bring Nepali youth and the youth organisations in a single forum to strengthen voice of Nepali youth from local to national level. NYFN acts as a platform for youth where they have opportunity to advocate for youth rights, learn from each others' experiences and take collective action for carrying out youth led initiatives in Nepal. NYFN since its inception is very much engaged in policy advocacy to create moral pressure to the government for designing youth friendly policies and programmes. NYFN has also been helping Ministry of Health and Population to bring the policy for internal migration and National Planning Commission to implement the "National Plan of Action for Youth Employment".