In 2010, the Ministry of Youth and Sports established the country’s first National Youth Policy to address the rights and needs of Nepal’s youth. This policy created a national definition of youth and its creation and existence is proof of Nepal’s recognition of their importance to society. The definition of youth has been formalized as any individual between the ages of 16 and 40 years which represents 40.68% of the country’s population (approx. 11,309,000). Considering this, it is clear that youth are a significant factor in the growth and productivity of Nepal and, as in every culture, are the driving forces for change and the future prosperity of a nation. The Nepal government has various strategic institutions working closely on youth related programs. The main body being the Ministry of Youth and Sport who is the governmental wing responsible for monitoring and evaluating youth programs and activities, they were also key in the formation of a National Youth Council. The Ministry of Finance regulates the Youth Self-employment fund for entrepreneurial activities and the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction mobilizes youth in the establishment of sustainable peace in the country. As is true globally, the formation of policy is an important first step, but to ensure its viability, it is critical for its tenets to be known to its target audience. Unfortunately due to the rural framework of the country, many youth are unaware of their constitutional rights and the policies that are currently in place that can benefit them in their livelihoods and social well-being or the role that they can play within their communities and government. The National Youth Federation of Nepal (NYFN) has designed the following strategic plan in the hopes of increasing awareness and providing support to youths to improve their opportunities and allow them to foster their skills so they can actively participate in the various sectors of public policy, governance and economic growth. NYFN is committed to promoting and addressing the areas of focus outlined in the National Youth Policy of Nepal.