Organizational Management Training

Organizational Management Training (OMT) is for individuals who are already in a supervisory, leader or management role and have little experience or training on the requirement of the position. This program spans 3 full days of workshops which focus on the following key areas: Leader vs. Manager, Communication, Team Building, Problem Solving and Project Execution. 

Youth Coaching & Empowerment

National Youth Coaching and Empowerment (NYCE) is a 3 day program which offers workshops on: Leadership, Communication, Critical thinking, Time management, and Public Speaking.

Youth Coding Collective

The Youth Coding Collective (YCC) is youth program offering highly professional web services based on Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer a wide range of services to our clients to meet their ultimate business goal.

Proposal Writing

This practical program covers key aspects on writing proposals in just 4 hours. Topics covered are: Purpose, Outcome, Layout, Submission

Project Management

This practical program covers key aspects on project management in 1 day. Topics covered are: Lifecycle, Styles, Documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation

Be Accountable

This practical program covers key aspects on managing your accounts in 1 day. Topics covered are: Basic Accounting Terminology, Credit/Debits, Reporting (Balance Sheet, Trial balance etc.)

Set It Up (Goal Setting)

Discover how to set goals in this 4 hour workshop. Topics covered are: Identifying, Planning, Execution

Seek It Out (Job Hunting)

Need help looking and applying for jobs? In 1 day, we cover the following topics: Job Posting Review, CV writing, Interview Techniques

Start it up (Entrepreneurship)

This 1 day program covers the following topics: Business Modeling, Market Analysis, Planning and Marketing

Lead the Way (Leadership)

This 1 day program covers the following topics: Theories, Styles, Personality Assessment, Situational Leadership

Finding your Voice (Communication)

This 2 day program covers the following topics: Non-Verbal, Active Listening, Constructive Feedback, Conflict Management, Public Speaking

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